June 14, 2013

Some Links

I've been really swamped, hence the dearth of bloggage. Things may not lighten up for a bit so I probably won't get around to elaborating on these stories as I planned. But here are some news pieces about what's been...
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April 18, 2013

Victory You Say?

So Reid has shelved the gun control package after not securing enough votes to pass a background check amendment, or any other gun owner control amendments. Obama and his companions are visibly upset, blaming the nefarious "gun lobby" for interfering...
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April 17, 2013

Pratt Behind The Lines

Here's Larry Pratt of GOA in an interview discussing the current push for gun owner control in the u.S. senate. Here's a full segment from CNN that includes Mr. Pratt discussing the same issues with Wolf Blitzer (Pratt's interview starts...
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April 14, 2013


The progressive pantheon has no higher deity than the Victim. Sacred, honored and often unquestionable as most true Victims are deceased. There are some living Victims, and it's arguable that the status of Victim is something the progressives wish to...
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April 08, 2013

Break That Silence Girl

Public servant Degette (D-Plorable) had an intellect malfunction concerning the re-usable nature of magazines. She then doubled down by claiming it was noun confusion and she really meant clips. (I wrote about it here.) The Denver Post, which actually claims...
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April 07, 2013

Diana Doesn't Get It

Via everybody's favorite gun news aggregator (Say Uncle) comes the startling revelation that public servant Dianna Degette (D-spicable) knows not about which she speaks. Here's a clip of the entire exchange:...
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April 03, 2013

The Master Cometh

Obama is coming to town, and the press seems all a tither: Obama to praise Colorado gun control laws Wednesday at Denver Police Academy: "The landmark legislation has made Colorado, a state with a deep western heritage thatís also endured...
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March 29, 2013

Layers Of Fact Checking

I was talking with a friend a few months ago. She's in her early 20's, very bright, but new to the whole gun thing (I've been meaning to do a write up as her introduction to shooting makes for a...
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March 09, 2013

It Aint Over Til It's Over

The Colorado senate gave preliminary approval to 5 anti-gunowner bills while shelving 2. But it's not a done deal; on Monday they'll take up the 5 remaining bills for a recorded vote. If the house bills pass they'll go to...
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March 08, 2013

Coming At You Live Again

This is a link to The Colorado Channel's general assembly page. Clicking the "senate live video" link on the page should open a new window & let you see the proceedings today in the Colorado senate. Having lived through barely...
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A Bad Check

Colorado senate republicans are planning to filibuster the gun owner control bills being heard today. That ought to make for interesting viewing. If they attempt this they'll be under a lot of pressure, as there's a storm moving this way...
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March 07, 2013

More Things To Do

The Colorado Senate appropriations committee passed 3 bills to the senate floor. This will come as a shock, but the three bills all passed on party line votes. The other four bills didn't have to go through appropriations so they...
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March 04, 2013

Coming At You Live

Via this link you should find a player. The default is the Colorado Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee, which is hearing HB 1226 (the ban on concealed carry on a college campus), HB 1228 (The tax on background...
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February 27, 2013

SB 196

Here's a .pdf of Colorado Senate Bill 196. This is the "assault weapons" liability act. & it's a doozie. Really, it's so ridiculous I had to stop reading to take a momentary incredulity break. But I'll try to give a...
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February 18, 2013

Virtual Carpetbaggery

A long time ago (called right now) in a state far far too close (that'd be my, the state)... Senator Barackatine, who became chancellor amidst vows to rid the Republic of the corruption that threatened to topple it, became frustrated...
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February 07, 2013

On The Rock

I always liked Chris Rock. His politics are a bit left of Mao mine but I could still appreciate how he structured his stand up routines. But I can't say his latest attempt at being a stand-up philosopher is particularly...
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February 05, 2013

Proposing A Proposal

Well, it's about to begin. Colorado Dems held a press conference today to unveil their gun owner control package. (and of course they had the usual props - victims and kin of victims of murderers who used firearms). Among the...
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February 02, 2013

On The Sly Again

He's at it again. Sylvester Stallone supports assault weapons ban No big surprise. Stallone supported the first "assault weapons" ban and has made several anti gun owner statements over the decades. But let's debunk his money quote for this news...
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January 30, 2013

A Null To Avoid?

There's a story about a bill in Colorado that'd negate any federal gun control laws. (a .pdf of the bill can be found right here.) The bill would protect firearms made in Colorado that stayed in Colorado, as well as...
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That's Julie Borowski also known as TokenLibertarianGirl, responding to the questions "why do you need an 'assault weapon'?" (She has a few other gun related vids, which I'll post in the extended entry.)...
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January 29, 2013


Thereís no point in taking the offensive, or even staging a defense, if you donít have a clear idea of what outcome you want. It doesnít have to be precise, detailed in minutia, but it does have to be clear....
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January 25, 2013

A War of Words

To start, may I present Carlin? (If this is safe for work you have a really cool job...) See a pattern? Alter a name & something can seem better or worse than it actually is. "the doc's gonna poke you...
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January 24, 2013

Strategia Aliquis?

Strategy has always been an issue. Hell, more like a subscription....
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State of the State

That'd be my, the state of course.. Sadly I canít talk about the happenings in Colorado without mentioning what the feds are doing. Most of yíall know the situation anyway; after Obama got re-elected the panic buying started. After Newtown...
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April 29, 2007

Linkage Minus Thinkage Part 3,986

Still swamped. Med Valley High's Grand Rounds (basically a carnival of med blogs) has a few posts dealing with the Virginia Tech Massacre. (On a semi-related note there's an amusing post called "raodmap for the emergency department"). "Cellist Mstislav Rostropovich...
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April 20, 2007


McCarthy has introduced HR 1859: Anti-Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act of 2007 (h/t Say Uncle). It's a slick one too - what it does is more or less partially re-instate the 1994 "assault weapons" ban in order to define...
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April 19, 2007

More Links On Virginia Tech Massacre

Rushed yet again. In the extended entry I'll list a bunch of links that you may find interesting. All are concerning or related to the Virginia Tech Massacre &/or the calls for more gun control in its wake....
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April 17, 2007

Politics Of The Virginia Tech Massacre

There are two aspects I wish to discuss. Of course one is the political side of things as this will be used as a rallying cry by the anti's in the next few weeks &/or months. The other is the...
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April 13, 2007

Get Your Mitt Off My Guns

Dave Kopel has a piece up entitled "Romney, a Second Amendment Killer? Bill Richardson for president!?" (h/t Say Uncle) In it he looks at not only Romney but a few other presidential candidates' views on the Right to arms. Although...
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December 31, 2006

I Think The Larger Point Has Been Proven

A long time ago I was playing in a band at a private party. One of the guests was a ormer vocalist of some local renown. We got him up to sing some old beahc tune & he stopped us...
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To Make It Clear

Here's a perfect example of what I was refuting in my post The Root Of Homeland is Home. It's a statement from a retiring Republican congressman in an article from Pantagraph.com. "And Hyde said that although he supports a personís...
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A Busy Year Ahead

From The Herald News' article. This is an excerpt which was taken from a letter written by Richard Pearson, president of the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA): "The following are the Brady Campaign's agenda for the 2007-2008 legislative session. 1....
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December 30, 2006

The Root Of Homeland Is Home

How many times have we heard, as a justification for an "assault weapons" ban that certain semi-automatic firearms had no use as a sporting or defensive tool? Well it won't change much for those who scream that BS the loudest...
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December 23, 2006

Mass AWB?

Freedomsight discusses Romney's lack of Republican street cred in a recent post of his called Mitt Romney - RINO Socialist. In that post he links to a story about Romney signing & praising a Massachusetts "assault weapons" ban. But it...
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December 20, 2006

The Influence Of Cook

Grayson Hugh had one moderately successful tune. It was called Talk It Over & the vid is here. The song was a decent little R&B tune but Hugh's delivery made it what it was. Some folks will say he sounds...
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September 25, 2006


Beautiful little tune by a progressive rock band called Dream Theater. Say Uncle reports that the LA county gun task force is being active. & they seem to be targeting members of the .50 Caliber Institute. Kevin of The Smallest...
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July 27, 2006

No Time Like The Present

"Several Illinois gun manufacturers said Wednesday they will pack up and leave Illinois if state lawmakers approve a ban on assault weapons." That's from a March 3rd, 2006 dated article. Now I gotta ask - why wait? It ain't like...
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July 18, 2006

In News From Outside The u.S.

Cali gun gestapo rolling again. BATFU "helping". So to all my Cali readers I have this message for you. From friends. Chair against wall. Chair against wall. Charlie has a long mohawk. Charlie has a long mohawk. Sic Semper Kalifornication....
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June 13, 2006


NSSF. That’s the National Shooting Sports Foundation. They want you to support a few bills which could be coming up in the house judiciary committee this week. One of them is HR 1415 which is being called the National Instant...
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June 07, 2006

Second Amendment To What?

I was probably going to let it slide. As you may have noticed from the lack of regular posting things have been busy for me. So when I received an e-mail from Hugh Hewitt asking me to support ten Republican...
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May 25, 2006

Stupid Party Versus Doctor No

Ron Paul needs a hand (.pdf) (via Triggerfinger). In his post A Choice, Not A Referendum: Support Senator DeWine Hugh Hewitt makes the argument that (in part) you can't be a serious supporter of the 2nd amendment & not...
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May 05, 2006

Stupid Versus Evil

"What we have to do is earn the public approval of our right to govern again," said Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean." (emphasis added) With ammunition like that you'd think the republicans (i.e. the Stupid Party) would have it easy...
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July 12, 2005

Columbus, Ohio Can Go Straight To Hell

"The maintenance of the right to bear arms is a most essential one to every free people and should not be whittled down by technical constructions." [State vs. Kerner, 181 N.C. 574, 107 S.E. 222, at 224 (1921)] In the...
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July 11, 2005

Coming To A City Near You?

Today the Columbus City Council will vote on its "assault weapons" ban. Nasty piece of tripe. Could be worse but it wouldn't require much tweaking to achieve that. The folks who wrote this one - well odds are they aren't...
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March 22, 2005

Figures - On Both Counts

Nicki has been posting up a storm since she left my blog. (that's the first "figures"). Of particular interest she posts about a Handgun Control Inc Brady Campaign to enable easier pickins for criminals Prevent Gun Violence press release calling...
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February 16, 2005

Insert Catchy Title Here

Alphecca has his Weekly Check on the Bias up. In case you didn't know he moved it to Tuesdays. But that's no excuse to not see what he's up to every day. I suspect many people just look to him...
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February 14, 2005

The NY Mall Shooter

I'm sure most of you have heard what happened in NY. But to make sure we're on the same page (that's kind of a redundant phrase when looking at a website isn't it?) a man walked into a best Buy...
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February 02, 2005

You'd Think They'd Have Learned By Now

Say Uncle has a post up that might seem familiar to you. Local cops put on a "demonstration" for the press involving firearms. They start off with shooting handguns at a bullet resistant vest & finish by shooting rifles at...
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December 28, 2004

Gun Bloggers & The Year In Review

Alphecca isn't doing his Weekly Check on the Bias this week. Instead he's doing the Yearly Check. Of course it's a wrap up of what has occurred this year that concerns firearms. It's by no means exhaustive; he just sticks...
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December 21, 2004

Weekly Check & Florida AWB?

Alphecca has The Weekly Check up. Also he has the scoop on a proposed "assault weapon" ban in Florida, including the text of the bill. If you've never done it before tell him thanks for all the hard work he...
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October 14, 2004

Question 16

Of course I refer to the final debate between Bush & Kerry. It was to focus on domestic issues & while being one I thought gun control would not come up. I was wrong. For the hell of it I'll...
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September 20, 2004


Say Uncle feels a big push has begun to reinstate an "assault weapons" ban. He also thinks that the House is our only chance of stopping it. Here's what I think our situation is:...
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September 16, 2004

Back To Normal (Capacity)

I spent a good portion of Monday looking around to see how much my pre-1994 normal capacity magazines had depreciated. Oddly enough there was only one website I found that had updated its page to reflect the happier times that...
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I made an error in the post titled Get A Grip. In the comments section Bruce of mASSBACKWARDS points it out. I thought about denouncing Bruce as he probably wrote that while in some form of sleepwear & then issuing...
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September 14, 2004

A Taxing Poll

Matt at Stop The Bleating posted about a CNN poll on the "assault weapons" ban....
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Alphecca's Weekly Check

Jeff has his Weekly Check on the Bias Report up. Its' the End of the AWB edition. & Cam Edwards will be intervieiwng Jeff this Wednesday sometime between 2p.m. & 5p.m. on Cam's NRA radio show....
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September 13, 2004

From Shamaya

Who Gets Credit for Demise of Useless Gun Ban? And How Can We Spread These Important Warnings? That's from Angel Shamaya & you should already be reading it....
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One Down, Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred & Ninety Nine To Go

Actually that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. Including Federal, State & local gun laws yesterday there were approximately 20,000. Today there are 19,999. Now not all of the remaining 19,999 are bad, as they would...
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September 10, 2004

The Rhodes To Amerika

I was listening to Air America today. Randi Rhodes was expressing her disgust at the idea of the AWB sunsetting on Monday. She mentioned a few things which damn near made me fall out of my car when I heard...
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September 09, 2004

Valid 800 Number?

I've had a report that the 800 number for the senate that I've been listing is not working. If anyone has a working 800 number for the senate please leave it in the comments. In the meantime look here...
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Darling Nikki

My absent & much missed co-blogger Nikki Fellenzer has a piece up at Armed Females of America called The Final Bell (Hopefully). Go read....
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The Press Is Using Panic While The Blogs Are Using Facts

The mainstream media is starting to unravel over the AWB. For a while they had made an attempt at seeming impartial (granted, not a very good attempt, but the effort was occasionally visible). Now they're back to warning of the...
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September 08, 2004

AWB News

Triggerfinger has been on the ball. Difi et al have been mentioning the AWB today. There's an appropriations bill which I speculate would be the ideal vehicle for it. No word of anyone trying to ad it as of yet,...
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September 07, 2004

AWB Plan Of Attack

Geek With A .45 has a public service announcment you should read right now. E-mails might work. It's probably too late for snail mail. That means it's time to reach out & touch someone....
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Watching Sausage Being Made

Just checking in. Daschle is currently waxing poetic about homeland security appropriations bill, which could very well be a vehicle for attachment of the AWB. So far nothing AWB specific has been mentioned. If it does come up I'll let...
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September 06, 2004

For AWB Updates

Geek With A .45 has graciously started a blog just to keep track of the Senate this week. He's asked Triggerfinger & myself to co-author it with him. It's called Walking The Walls & it's url is http://awbdeathwatch.blogspot.com/. Catchy isn't...
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Why The AWB Must Sunset

A brief summation of why we should do everything in our power to make sure the AWB goes away....
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August 30, 2004

Caldara On The AWB

John Caldara of The Independence Institute has a nice little ditty on the "assault weapons" ban called Pistols and rifles and cans, oh, my! Go read....
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August 20, 2004

Volokh v. Scher (& Seder?)

Prof. Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy will engage Bill Scher of Liberal Oasis in a deabte about gun cuntrol on Air America at 5:15 p.m. Pacific time. I'll try to live blog it & I'll update this post accordingly. Updated:...
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August 19, 2004

AWB links

This is just a round up of the "assault weapons" ban posts from various bloggers. It's by no means complete. If you notice that a few of the posts seem to be saying the same thing it's probably because the...
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August 17, 2004

A Debate Over "Assault Weapons"

Matt at Stop The Bleating gives us a play by play of a debate over the "assault weapons" ban. Go read & click on the link he provides to listen to the debate he speaks of....
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August 11, 2004

Hope in Illinois?

If you haven't heard yet, Alan Keyes is running for the u.s. senate seat in Illinois. He faces an uphill battle against democrat candidate Barack Obama. Odds are Keyes will lose, but I have confidence that he will aquit himself...
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July 22, 2004

All AWB Refutation - All The Time

Another person is arguing for a renewal of the "assault weapons" ban. The following wa sintended to be left in said blogger comments, but I figured I'd post it here to A: avoid hitting a word limit in her comments...
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July 16, 2004

A Meme about Bush & the AWB

In the post below I promised a meme. Here it is:...
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Et tu Hugh? (Part Two)

In a very surprising turn of events, I received a response from Mr. Hewitt concerning my post questioning his statements about the AWB, its importance & the elections....
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July 14, 2004

Et tu Hugh?

I had Hugh Hewitt on today. It’s not that unusual as I listen to him whenever I drive. I don't always agree with him but I do find him entertaining. Hugh mentioned he had been on the G. Gordon Liddy...
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