December 06, 2013

Hudak Hears A Howl

You've probably already heard that public servant Hudak resigned her seat lest the recall turn the Colorado senate over to the republicans (a lengthier treatment of Hudak stepping down can be found here). And the apologists have come out in...
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Government Child Abuse

I've written before about social services and the danger they currently represent to adults and children alike. Sadly I'm writing about it again. A family is suing the case workers involved, as well as the local sheriff's department and the...
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September 21, 2013


Well, when a co-worker and our boss quit on the same day, I thought that'd max out the overtime opportunities within the company. I was wrong. After that the owners decided they didn't need a supervisor over my division after...
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June 14, 2013

Some Links

I've been really swamped, hence the dearth of bloggage. Things may not lighten up for a bit so I probably won't get around to elaborating on these stories as I planned. But here are some news pieces about what's been...
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May 31, 2013

Right To Carry

Words have meanings. Those meanings can change over time, and along with them the concepts they represent. This is a natural function of language and it can be good or bad or neutral. When it comes to the word "Right"...
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May 19, 2013

Shotgun Blues

Ohdearvishnu. Some folks are saying that Denver ain't that bad; that the new gun owner control laws won't be enforced that vigorously and that it won't be used against hunters not one nary bit, because Denver welcomes sportsmen (and sportswomen)....
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May 02, 2013

Fighting Words

There are many differing perspectives on when it's acceptable to use force to protect one's Rights. For example I'm of the "shoot first, examine badges later" school when it comes to dealing with any type of home invasion, though for...
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April 09, 2013

Risky Business

Here's a story from The Coloradoan about the hunting boycott of Colorado. "...And I know people are frustrated. We understand that,” Hampton said. 'There’s an outrage, but these new bills will not have an impact on our existing hunting regulations...
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April 04, 2013

McCanns Mentality

Colorado's representative McCann has delayed the introduction of her firearms and mental health bill. Weeks back she planned to introduce it but somehow that was quietly postponed, and now she's holding it up for "extensive revisions". Since no bill is...
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March 04, 2013

Re: Morse

Oh now this is funny: “I can’t tell you how much the work we’ve been doing in the state has really ginned up folks who are opposed to us,' Morse said. 'We’ve been getting an awful lot of ‘screw yous.’...
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February 20, 2013


Azure Ray is a dream pop duo out of Nebraska via Birmingham. I'm not an aficionado of dream pop, ut something about this song kinda grew on me. Having a plan and having a direction mean nothing unless you have...
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February 18, 2013

Virtual Carpetbaggery

A long time ago (called right now) in a state far far too close (that'd be my, the state)... Senator Barackatine, who became chancellor amidst vows to rid the Republic of the corruption that threatened to topple it, became frustrated...
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February 13, 2013

HB 1228 passes first hurdle

Colorado HB 1228 passed on a vote of 7-6. There's more on the bill here but to sum it up it's the background check tax bill. It heads to the committee on appropriations next. . There was some interesting commentary...
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HB 1226 passes first hurdle

Colorado HB 1226 passed out of committee on a vote of 7-6. You can find out about it here but it's pretty straightforward; it bans concealed carry permit holders from carrying on college campus. Lots of decent pro gun testimony,...
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February 12, 2013

HB 1224 passes first hurdle

Colorado HB 1224 passed out of committee on a party line vote, 7-4. It's the magazine capacity limit bill mentioned here. Next stop is the floor of the house It was amended; 15 is the new 10. They meant to...
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HB 1229 passes first hurdle

Colorado HB 1229 has been passed out of committee on a 7-4 party line vote. (For a refresher on what HB 1229 does look here.) I saw the hearing. They trumped out the usual types - relatives of folks murdered...
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February 11, 2013

Are You Anti Puppy?

Miss Borowski also has a post up on this Act: Reasons to Oppose the So-Called Violence Against Women Act. What she said. (oh and I'm pro fuzzy puppies, just so ya know)...
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February 07, 2013

On The Rock

I always liked Chris Rock. His politics are a bit left of Mao mine but I could still appreciate how he structured his stand up routines. But I can't say his latest attempt at being a stand-up philosopher is particularly...
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January 31, 2013

Guns Are Incidental

Lest ye forget, gun control is not about guns, it's about control. I'd like for y'all to meet a public servant. Dan Pabon represents House District 4, which is an area of northwest Denver, Colorado. Mr. Pabon has proposed a...
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January 29, 2013

Hey Roberts - About Obamacare Being A Tax...

I found this old post while looking something else up. At the time I thought it'd be a good precedent to use in arguing about an NFA repeal, but now I'm thinking if SCOTUS ever hears the matter again, perhaps...
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April 29, 2007

Linkage Minus Thinkage Part 3,986

Still swamped. Med Valley High's Grand Rounds (basically a carnival of med blogs) has a few posts dealing with the Virginia Tech Massacre. (On a semi-related note there's an amusing post called "raodmap for the emergency department"). "Cellist Mstislav Rostropovich...
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April 26, 2007

Deaths In Communism

I have been at a few funerals where "At last" was used to start the eulogy. But it was immediately followed by a picturesque image of the deceased kneeling at the foot of the Lord & receiving the comfort some...
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April 24, 2007

NRA Pushes For More Gun Control Again

In this post called "Crazy" (where I argued against an expansion of mental health records in the NICS system) I pointed to The Liberty Zone & The War On Guns for more information on rumors that the NRA was talking...
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April 23, 2007


Of course there's the Aerosmith tune (vid here & live vid here) which is about the peculiar manifestation of insanity that most call love (I especially dig the part at the end where it breaks down & the guitar is...
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April 22, 2007

Nope, No Way, Hell No

That was Governor Brian Schweitzer's response to the "real i.d." program on behalf of Montana as he signed state legislation opposing the federal act. & if you think it might be just a turn of a phrase to say Gov....
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April 14, 2007

Close To You

A Maxi Priest tune from 1990. In the early to late 90's I was playing this tune a lot in some bands I was in. It's really fun to play (especially for bass players), easy to dance to & dog...
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April 13, 2007

The Holes In The Door

This sounds interesting: "The movie is a documentary by Denver filmmakers Alan and David Dominguez. It examines the 1999 police killing of Ismael Mena in a no-knock drug raid at the wrong address. The film, which hints at police corruption...
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Anti Social Patient

Jed was kind enough to post about the attempt to socialize medicine in Colorado. Aside from the automatic revulsion of anything Marxian being proposed let alone considered my objections to socialized medicine are pragmatic. No matter how the scheme is...
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April 09, 2007

I Saw Red (Again)

I've used this song before but couldn't think of another as title appropriate. Here's a vid of the tune done by Jani Lane (& yes, the attempts at harmony by the keyboard player are irritating but otherwise it's not a...
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April 03, 2007

Shooter And The National Forest Situation

Michael Bane has an update & summation on the situation with anti-gun Park Rangers trying to shut down shooting in the National Forests here in Colorado (following a few paragraph review of the movie Shooter). Go read....
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March 28, 2007

Baggers Can't Be Choosers

Frisco, that living tribute to all things Marx, has decided, in its infinite wisdom, that plastic bags are not really that good for you. #9 over at Say Uncle's joint has thoughts (History of Shepple Part I) as does View...
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February 20, 2007

RMGO Bill Watch Update

Via RMGO's Bill Watch page here's a .pdf of Colorado House Bill 1278. The gist is that it'd give municipalities with populations over 100,000 people authority to prohibit the carrying of loaded firearms in vehicles unless the person has a...
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February 06, 2007

Coming To A Patrol Car Near You

"The Defense Department is giving away free equipment the military no longer needs to state and local police..." I snipped from the article the specific items being given to local police departments:...
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January 27, 2007

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Again

The Platters. I did a post with the title of the tune before I discovered the joy that is Youtube. It's such a nice tune (plus I did a gig with them once & they're really nice guys) that I...
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January 25, 2007

Why Georgia?

John Mayer. I do surely dig the way he plays. Here's the vid. & here are the lyrics. The song is about a guy's introspection as he drives I-85; wondering if he can find some signs that he's on the...
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January 23, 2007

Paging Juan Galt

Chavez. That boy 'bout to get on my last damn nerve: "On Friday, U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said Chavez's plans under the law 'have caused us some concern.' Chavez rejected Casey's statement in his broadcast, saying: 'Go...
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January 20, 2007

Kiss My Ash

Update: 01-20-06 20:02 I realized I neglected to link to the article I was quoting from. Corrected. This will be an unpleasant one. I edited out most of the foul language & toned down my sentiments a bit but this...
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January 15, 2007

Grabbing A Tgirsch By The Tale

Tgirsch of Lean Left was kind enough to leave a partial rebuttal to my fisking of his post about libertarians. Here's the post of mine which links to the post of his (scroll down for the comments). Now, let us...
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January 13, 2007

Lean, Left And Lofty

Libertarians have their problems. I'm a big "L" as well as a little "L" libertarian & in general I've been unhappy with the party & its alleged strategy. But a more pervasive problem is non-libertarian perception of what libertarians (big...
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January 11, 2007


Yeah it's France. They can certainly do whatever the hell they please, but the idea needs refutation. Besides, what do you think Cali will try next? "France to create 'legal right' to housing" Lemme see...flipping through my cliff notes on...
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January 10, 2007

Still Hangin' Around

G. Love & Special Sauce. Here's G. Love doing Still Hangin' Around (at a very happening bar in Charlotte) & here's the whole crew doing Hot Cookin' & Cold Beverage to give you a better idea of their sound. You...
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January 09, 2007


Mary Katherine Ham has a nice run down of Arnie's new plan to increase the cost & lower the quality of healthcare while simultaneously discouraging small business growth & providing yet mo' better incentive to flee California (like there wasn't...
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January 03, 2007

Most Of The Dems & Some Of The Repubs Must Have Fooled Them

Bernie's not the first. Just the most open. "Socialism will get its first-ever face in the US Senate when veteran Vermont politician Bernard 'Bernie' Sanders takes a seat in the powerful upper house of the legislature." Being the militant libertarian...
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December 31, 2006

I Think The Larger Point Has Been Proven

A long time ago I was playing in a band at a private party. One of the guests was a ormer vocalist of some local renown. We got him up to sing some old beahc tune & he stopped us...
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December 30, 2006

Gateway To The East Closed To Smokers

I'm not surprised that a communist state would enact restrictions on choice, but I was hoping Hong Kong would remain a bit more resistant to such intrusions. "The year 2006 will end in a puff of smoke across Hong Kong...
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Grim But Important

I can't imagine it's a particularly pleasant endeavor, but it's necessary. "Holocaust historians are only now piecing together the scattered research in many languages to understand the vast scope of the camps, prisons and punishment centers that scarred German-ruled Europe,...
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December 29, 2006

Like Locusts

The anti-smoking movement is moving in on the South. I've heard from friends that they're starting to raise their voices in NC & now I see at Say Uncle's they have their sights on Tennessee. & some smoking ban supporters...
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December 19, 2006

No Such Thing

Another John Mayer tune. Here's the vid. From the chorus: "I wanna run through the halls of my high school I wanna scream at the top of my lungs I just found out there's no such thing as the real...
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December 11, 2006

Harder To Breathe

Maroon 5. It's another solid little rock tune (but again not that kind of rock). As far as I can tell it's about a romance that's going through some trouble but honestly I'm not sure if the guy has given...
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Ain't Nobody's Business

Here's Etta James, Gladys Knight & Chaka Kahn doing the old blues standard (with B.B. King playing along with them. Here are the lyrics. & here's the song's history. Remember that war I discussed in a previous post (amidst the...
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December 09, 2006

Mars The Bringer Of War

It's a piece by Gustav Holst from his suite The Planets. I admit I prefer works from the Classical & Baroque periods with an occassional fondness for the Romantic but there are a few 20th Century pieces that I enjoy....
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December 02, 2006

Who Wants To Live Forever

The second most perfect & complete sad song I've ever heard. It's by Queen & was part of the soundtrack to the movie Highlander (the soundtrack by Queen is called A Kind of Magic). It's interesting also because Brian May...
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November 01, 2006

Cult Of Personality

Living Colour. Here's the video. Not my favorite tune by them (for example Broken Hearts, Broken Hearts [acoustic], What's Your Favorite Color?, Open Letter To A Landlord, Funny Vibe & Love Rears Its Ugly Head get more play on my...
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New York New York

No; not the tune Sinatra is associated with (written by Kander & Ebb). I'm referring to the tune written by Bernstein, Comden & Green for the 1944 musical On The Town. The late Mel Torme did a very nice rendition...
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October 31, 2006

Somebody's Watching Me

A tune from the 80's by a gentleman called Rockwell. Here are the lyrics if you've never heard it, but it's much catchier as a song. Here's the video. A group of acedemics in Britain have speculated that implanted micro-chips...
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October 30, 2006

This Is A Drill

This is only a drill. If it had been actual oppressive acts conducted by the agents of government we'd tell you. At some point. Maybe. If we feel like it. "Police in the western Michigan community of Wyoming entered two...
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October 24, 2006

Great Diocles The Boar Has Killed

The title is from the prelude, aria & chorus from the opening of Act 2 of "The Prophetess" (or "The History of Dioclesian" or "Dioclesian"). It's a dark comedy semi-opera (no that doesn't mean it involves 18 wheelers at dusk...
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October 22, 2006

Denver Discedere Ad Inferos

Discedere ad inferos is Latin for "go to hell" in case you were wondering. Denver. It'd be an alright place except for the scum who run the damned town. Denver prosecutor Dawn Weber is arguing that the state's "make my...
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October 04, 2006

Stop The World

(A rather lovely tune by Extreme from their III Sides To Every Story cd.) Rosie O'Donnel is claiming that the second amendment is not really a Right. A semi-anonymous (just a last initial on her i.d.?) government agent is claiming...
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September 25, 2006


Beautiful little tune by a progressive rock band called Dream Theater. Say Uncle reports that the LA county gun task force is being active. & they seem to be targeting members of the .50 Caliber Institute. Kevin of The Smallest...
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September 13, 2006

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Ah, the Platters. Nuff Said. A bar called Orio's Roadhouse in Durango, Colorado is going to court. The local Dumb Ass District Attorney is trying to nail them for violating the state's Dumb Ass constitutionally questionable smoking ban. A judge...
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August 27, 2006

For Those About To Smoke We Salute You

Calif. city: Secondhand smoke a nuisance. Considering the state of California has been a nusiance to the entire country neighboring it (that'd be the u.S. of A.) I'm glad there's an easy way for those behind the lines to irritate...
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August 15, 2006

Perhaps You'll Believe Him Now

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed -- and hence clamorous to be led to safety -- by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." - H L Mencken "It...
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July 04, 2006

ID '06

Here's last years Independence Day post. Not much has changed in the grand scheme of things. sure, there are new outrages & new birght spots here & there, but overall I don't think we're any closer to having the republic...
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May 05, 2006

Stupid Versus Evil

"What we have to do is earn the public approval of our right to govern again," said Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean." (emphasis added) With ammunition like that you'd think the republicans (i.e. the Stupid Party) would have it easy...
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April 11, 2006


What's the difference between Myer's Park (an affluent neighborhood in Charlotte, NC) & yogurt? Well yogurt is a living culture. Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all night. Don't forget to tip your waitress - heroin isn't getting any...
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April 05, 2006

MySpace Kid Convicted

The question is of what? SayUncle is where I first saw it. He links to this Rocky Mountain News piece describing the court proceedings & the result. From the article: "An Evergreen high school student who posted Internet photos of...
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February 23, 2006

The MySpace Kid

Say Uncle has a post about a kid who posted pics of himself with handguns on the net. Here's the initial story that prompted his post. It only says that after being ratted out a kid was arrested because he...
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February 07, 2006

Speaking Of The Market

Cause we were ya know (phrase shamlessly stolen from Zombie David) It seems that all those items stolen by the TSA in order for them to let you fly on a plane you paid money to be on is...
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November 23, 2005

Papers Please

Zombyboy is on top of things. Seems in Denver if you don't show I.D. on demand you not only get removed from the bus, but you get arrested. But it's not just a Denver thing as these were federal cops...
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November 16, 2005

Kidnapped By The State

Via Zombyboy. What was that Ayn Rand quote? "The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime...
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October 10, 2005

Treacherous Stupid Asinine

Clayton Cramer posts that the TSA is being idiotic about its rules concerning flying with ammo. Of course Mr. Cramer doesn't phrase it like that, but I think mine is a more accurate description. Mr. Cramer says that the FAA...
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September 15, 2005

Another Misdemeanor Disqualification

Via Talkleft I discovered that the house approved an amendment to a bill that would make possession of firearms an offense for those convicted of misdemeanors involving sex. Child rapists shouldn't have guns right? Well I'd say that child rapists...
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September 09, 2005

Nah, They Wouldn't Cause That'd Be Illegal

From the NYT: "Waters were receding across this flood-beaten city today as police officers began confiscating weapons, including legally registered firearms, from civilians in preparation for a mass forced evacuation of the residents still living here." (Emphasis added) A few...
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Of Constitutions, Laws & Emergency Powers

Now as a matter of law there is some support of the idea that while wrong the confiscation of arms in New Orleans is legal because it’s spelled out in the emergency powers law of Louisiana concerning the Powers of...
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Hypothetical My Ass!!!

I am trying very hard to restrain my words. Forgive me for any impolite lapses. In New Orleans they are going door to door stealing weapons. This would be the cops. Not just locals. There are rumors that Federal agents...
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September 07, 2005

That Ain't Right

I'm definitely not feeling warm & fuzzy about this. Authorities Increase Pressure on Holdouts in New Orleans. "After days of pleading with residents to leave this partly destroyed city, local officials said today that they would begin forced evacuations of...
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I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling about this. New Orleans Mayor Orders Forced Evacuation "As flood waters receded inch by inch Tuesday, New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin authorized law enforcement officers and the U.S. military to force the...
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August 26, 2005

Oh Good Grief

This is not directly gun related (though I might play a round of "Six Degrees of John Moses Browning"). Gretchen Wilson is being asked by some ass in Tennessee (actually the AG, or Ass, Generally) to stop using chaw (i.e....
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June 27, 2005

Fire On The Mountain

No; not The Marshall Tucker Band song. There was a made for T.V. movie that debuted in 1981 on NBC. Buddy Ebson played John Vogelin, who had property that the government wanted but he refused to sell. The government told...
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June 25, 2005

Another Field Report

Background info can be found starting here. I went to another shooting range in Boulder County in a National Forest. No signs were posted other than prohibiting vehicles. Nice area; much cleaner than Left Hand Canyon. This one was wets...
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June 24, 2005

Field Report From Left Hand Canyon

Left Hand Canyon is still open for target shooting. (For the background on this look here.) That's the entrance to the shooting area at Left Hand Canyon just outside of Boulder, Colorado. Here's a close up of the sign: If...
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June 22, 2005

More On The USDA FS BS

Michael Bane has an update on the Forest Service closing down shooting ranges on National Forest land. For the background on this look here....
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June 18, 2005

USFS Shuts Down Public Ranges In Colorado

Michael Bane first posted about the USFS closing down a shooting range near his home. We all assumed this was an isolated incident. Now it seems all public ranges in National Forests in Boulder county have been shut down by...
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April 28, 2005

Just Outside Of America...

Words fail me. I've seen some idiotic proposals in my time, but this one is unique. Not the worst perhaps, but damn - serial numbers on bullets? Let me try to break this down for the uninitiated:...
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April 26, 2005

The French Could Teach California Something About Freedom

No, the title isn't wrong. As incredible as it seems one of the chief european states that seems to espouse every statist ultra left wing concept imaginable can teach California something about freedom. Mr. Eric Danis owns Dan Tec France....
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March 07, 2005

Oh No They Can't Take That Away From Me...

Some bloggers aren't taking the news well that the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law may be applicable to bloggers. I'm one of them....
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January 24, 2005

Around Colorado - And Beyond

Some odds & ends from Colorado....
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January 15, 2005


Kevin of The Smallest Minority has a piece up entitled Why Ballistic Fingerprinting Doesn't (and Won't) Work. Go read....
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They Misunderstand

"There is a strong sense of protection of privacy by all of the administrators of DMV records, because we know the value of the information we've been entrusted with,' said George Tatum, North Carolina's Department of Motor Vehicle commissioner....
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October 08, 2004

When All The Elders Are Gone

Read this. I'll wait. The discussion will begin when you open up the extended entry....
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August 11, 2004

Ron Paul Talks of the Police State

Rep. Ron Paul has a piece called Police State USA . You won't find any excerpts or commentary on it here, so go read it already....
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July 27, 2004

Tell Me How Do I Get To My America?

Geek With A .45 has a post up y'all should read. I obviously differ with the latter part of the post, where he speaks of the importance of crushing the Dems this time around (which I'll try to expand on...
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July 17, 2004

A Herd, Not A Pack

Terror in the Skies, Again? By Annie Jacobsen is an article that's receiving much attention. Michele Malkin has more & Jessica's Well has an interesting take on things, or rather poses an interesting question. & of course Instapundit has a...
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June 28, 2004

A Little More On Rick Stanley

Ari Armstrong writes something that you should read if you're interested in Mr. Stanley's situation. He by no means comes to praise Stanley, but rather to question the tactics used against him. Give it a read....
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June 21, 2004

All It Takes Is Five Hands...

"We are free at last, free at last...There is no respect in which we are chained or bound by the text of the Constitution. All it takes is five hands." Those were the words of Justice Scalia in an interview...
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June 10, 2004

Rick Stanley v. the feds

End The War on Freedom reports that Rick Stanley has been raided by federal agents. "At 9:30 a.m., a multitude of law enforcement agents swarmed Stanley's business and seized control of the property. These agents included: Denver SWAT Team, U.S....
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