February 12, 2007

We'll Get Right On That Felipe

"Mexico demands U.S. inquiry into migrant shootings" "Mexico sought a full investigation by U.S. authorities on Friday into a shooting on the U.S. border that left three illegal migrants dead and two injured. Mexico's Foreign Ministry said it had told...
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December 23, 2006


Madonna. It's one of her earliest singles & for early 80's pop it's not too bad. besides, it's title appropraite which is all I can really hope for these days. Here's the vid. Mexican Soldiers Freelancing for Drug Cartels on...
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December 03, 2006


Mariah Carey doing a beautifully soulful little number. It's from her 1990 debut album & was co-written by her & Ben Margulies. Piano & voice seem to be all that's needed as it works rather well on this track. I...
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May 05, 2006

Stupid Versus Evil

"What we have to do is earn the public approval of our right to govern again," said Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean." (emphasis added) With ammunition like that you'd think the republicans (i.e. the Stupid Party) would have it easy...
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May 02, 2006

Between An Anvil And A Hard Place

Just when you thought things were cheery enough following Bolivia's announcement that it had forsaken economic reason I'm afraid I have more bad news, via Cowboy Blob. This is from a Las Vegas gun dealer on the rising cost of...
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Too Many Marx

I trust everyone made it through the May Day protests alright? I didn't make it into Denver proper. Something about their doggie genocide & wanting to put me in jail because my magazine has too many cartridges makes me quite...
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December 21, 2005

I'm Getting Too Old For This...

On one hand I am a fan of very liberal immigration policies. But on the other hand I'm for shutting it down to a trickle. It's the latter hand that lives in this reality so for the sake of argument...
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July 23, 2005

Calling Up The Militia?

Nope. They won't do that no matter how much sense it makes. But they are looking at more "citizen" (like those in .gov aren't?) involvement. Or at least they were. Gunner brings us the news that they obviously didn't say...
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April 07, 2005


If a newspaper had constantly referred to Michael Jackson as a pedophile they'd have risked not only the loss of their reputation (or what's left of it) but possible legal action. Same if they'd have called OJ a murderer or...
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April 05, 2005

Links For Your Clicking Enjoyment

Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Bias is up The Carnival of the Cordite (Edition 7) is up. Clayton Cramer has More on the Minuteman Project as well as disturbing news concerning self defense in New York. Dave Hardy & Dave...
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March 25, 2005

Oh No The Hell He Didn't...

Sometimes the audacity of people amazes me. Even more so when they're a public figure. I estimate that population control could be achieved in a few months in Heinlein's "polite society" if bastards like the one I'm about to tear...
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February 23, 2005

Taking The Law Into Their Own Hands

I've always hated that phrase as it's usually applied. If the government really is "by the people, of the people, for the people" then taking the law into our own hands is part of our duty. If we're to leave...
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