May 19, 2013

Shotgun Blues

Ohdearvishnu. Some folks are saying that Denver ain't that bad; that the new gun owner control laws won't be enforced that vigorously and that it won't be used against hunters not one nary bit, because Denver welcomes sportsmen (and sportswomen)....
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April 19, 2013

Patriots Day 2013

In the extended entry you'll find some links and embedded videos relating to events that occurred on Patriots' Day in years past....
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March 25, 2013

Godwin Damn It

A newspaper article attempts to provide a bit of fact checking to claims made concerning Nazi gun owner control laws. "Objectively, it might have made things worse' if the Jews who fought the Nazis in the 1943 Warsaw ghetto uprising...
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May 17, 2007


One of the best known tunes that Toto ever released & for good damn reason. It's well structured, well performed & gosh darn it, people like it. Here's the vid. David J (formerly Zombyboy) of Resurrection Song has always been...
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May 03, 2007

Do Tell

If you know anyone in Switzerland you might want to give them a call. seems like they're about to get hit hard with what we've been through for a few decades over here so any insights you have would help...
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April 26, 2007

Deaths In Communism

I have been at a few funerals where "At last" was used to start the eulogy. But it was immediately followed by a picturesque image of the deceased kneeling at the foot of the Lord & receiving the comfort some...
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April 13, 2007

Anti Social Patient

Jed was kind enough to post about the attempt to socialize medicine in Colorado. Aside from the automatic revulsion of anything Marxian being proposed let alone considered my objections to socialized medicine are pragmatic. No matter how the scheme is...
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March 28, 2007

Baggers Can't Be Choosers

Frisco, that living tribute to all things Marx, has decided, in its infinite wisdom, that plastic bags are not really that good for you. #9 over at Say Uncle's joint has thoughts (History of Shepple Part I) as does View...
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March 18, 2007

Some Quick Links

Illinois is contemplating more gun control laws. The funny part to me is that firearms manufacturers are still threatening to leave Illinois. I really don't understand why they didn't escape from there long ago. In other news the ATFU closes...
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February 12, 2007

We'll Get Right On That Felipe

"Mexico demands U.S. inquiry into migrant shootings" "Mexico sought a full investigation by U.S. authorities on Friday into a shooting on the U.S. border that left three illegal migrants dead and two injured. Mexico's Foreign Ministry said it had told...
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February 09, 2007

Illinois Is Too Taxing For Gun Owners

I've bitched about Illinois before. I'll likely do so again. The state just isn't good for gun owners. To make things worse the asshats of Cook County want to put a 10 cent tax on bullets. "Commissioner Roberto Maldonado wants...
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February 02, 2007

Castro Would Be Proud

California has decided to ship its criminals into America. "As many as 5,000 California convicts will be transferred out of state to ease an overcrowding crisis in the nation's largest prison system, a top corrections official said Friday. 'We are...
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January 23, 2007

Paging Juan Galt

Chavez. That boy 'bout to get on my last damn nerve: "On Friday, U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said Chavez's plans under the law 'have caused us some concern.' Chavez rejected Casey's statement in his broadcast, saying: 'Go...
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January 20, 2007

Kiss My Ash

Update: 01-20-06 20:02 I realized I neglected to link to the article I was quoting from. Corrected. This will be an unpleasant one. I edited out most of the foul language & toned down my sentiments a bit but this...
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January 11, 2007


Yeah it's France. They can certainly do whatever the hell they please, but the idea needs refutation. Besides, what do you think Cali will try next? "France to create 'legal right' to housing" Lemme see...flipping through my cliff notes on...
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January 09, 2007


Mary Katherine Ham has a nice run down of Arnie's new plan to increase the cost & lower the quality of healthcare while simultaneously discouraging small business growth & providing yet mo' better incentive to flee California (like there wasn't...
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January 02, 2007

Two More Have Fallen

"Former communist states Bulgaria and Romania have celebrated their New Year's accession to the European Union even as new EU president Germany warned that painful reforms were still needed." On New Years Eve amateur astronomers photographed the following as it...
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December 30, 2006

Gateway To The East Closed To Smokers

I'm not surprised that a communist state would enact restrictions on choice, but I was hoping Hong Kong would remain a bit more resistant to such intrusions. "The year 2006 will end in a puff of smoke across Hong Kong...
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Grim But Important

I can't imagine it's a particularly pleasant endeavor, but it's necessary. "Holocaust historians are only now piecing together the scattered research in many languages to understand the vast scope of the camps, prisons and punishment centers that scarred German-ruled Europe,...
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December 25, 2006

One Night In Bangkok

The song is sung by Murray Head (whom you might recall as playing Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar) & was part of a musical called Chess. If I recall it was supposed to be about the Cold War using the...
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December 23, 2006


Madonna. It's one of her earliest singles & for early 80's pop it's not too bad. besides, it's title appropraite which is all I can really hope for these days. Here's the vid. Mexican Soldiers Freelancing for Drug Cartels on...
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December 20, 2006

The Other Side

Aerosmith. Nuff said? Here's the vid. & here's the tune with pirates. So I was taking a break from sweeping off the car (cause the wimpy victims with cash on wheels pizza joints around here all seem closed because of...
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Can't We Play That Game Too?

If it's good enough for them it should be good enough for us. Now how do we get our government to give that a try? Government quits in strategic Kyrgyzstan Anarcho-capitalistic snark aside it's a potentially troublesome development because of...
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The Influence Of Cook

Grayson Hugh had one moderately successful tune. It was called Talk It Over & the vid is here. The song was a decent little R&B tune but Hugh's delivery made it what it was. Some folks will say he sounds...
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December 19, 2006

I'd Invade

& I'd make it very clear that I'd only stop the invasion when & if my citizens had been returned alive & unharmed. But I'm not president of the country in question. What I'm talking about is the situation in...
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No Such Thing

Another John Mayer tune. Here's the vid. From the chorus: "I wanna run through the halls of my high school I wanna scream at the top of my lungs I just found out there's no such thing as the real...
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December 14, 2006

Everything But Your Car, Your Wife And Your Gun

The title is a paraphrase of an alleged old Iraqi saying. The complete version is, "Give everything to your friend, except your car, your wife, and your gun." I found it at this piece called Second Amendment Lessons From Iraq...
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December 13, 2006

Mellowship Slinky In B Major

This is one of my favorite funk tunes. It's got a groove & it's real fun to play, especially if you're working with a decent bass player & drummer. It's by The Red Hot Chile Peppers. I couldn't find The...
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December 09, 2006

Suddenly I See

I must be in some sort of Scottish mood today. Suddenly I See is a KT Tunstall tune released in late august of 2005 but it didn't get a lot of airplay over here till this past summer. It's a...
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December 03, 2006


Mariah Carey doing a beautifully soulful little number. It's from her 1990 debut album & was co-written by her & Ben Margulies. Piano & voice seem to be all that's needed as it works rather well on this track. I...
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November 29, 2006

Sometimes It Snows In April

This is, in my humble yet antiquated opinion, the saddest song extant. It's by Prince & was featured in his second movie (Under the Cherry Moon) & the album from said film called Parade. It's about an unrequited love but...
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The Morning Papers

Another Prince song (here's the vid). When I first heard it the lyrics kinda got me though it took years to figure out why. Ya see Prince is weird. He can be freaky as hell & - well I damn...
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November 01, 2006

Cult Of Personality

Living Colour. Here's the video. Not my favorite tune by them (for example Broken Hearts, Broken Hearts [acoustic], What's Your Favorite Color?, Open Letter To A Landlord, Funny Vibe & Love Rears Its Ugly Head get more play on my...
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New York New York

No; not the tune Sinatra is associated with (written by Kander & Ebb). I'm referring to the tune written by Bernstein, Comden & Green for the 1944 musical On The Town. The late Mel Torme did a very nice rendition...
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October 31, 2006

Somebody's Watching Me

A tune from the 80's by a gentleman called Rockwell. Here are the lyrics if you've never heard it, but it's much catchier as a song. Here's the video. A group of acedemics in Britain have speculated that implanted micro-chips...
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October 23, 2006

We Can Only Hope

Going through the referral logs last night I found a visit from Shanghai. It was directed here from a Google search for "gun ownership advocacy" (or something similar - I should have saved the log entry). It's not much but...
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October 05, 2006

California Dreaming

The Mamas & The Papas. I always liked that tune for some reason. I noticed via the referal logs that I'm currently the Number 2 result on Google for "gun owner moving to california" It's due to the post Comments...
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July 27, 2006

No Time Like The Present

"Several Illinois gun manufacturers said Wednesday they will pack up and leave Illinois if state lawmakers approve a ban on assault weapons." That's from a March 3rd, 2006 dated article. Now I gotta ask - why wait? It ain't like...
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July 19, 2006

Kanadian Ordnance?

I've been meaning to write about this. Say Uncle has some links to a couple of news stories about KT Ordnance. They can be accessed by clicking here & here. It honestly sounds like a bad novel. The sheriff asked...
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July 18, 2006

It's All About M.E.

of course I'm speaking of the Middle East. Pajamas Media, Yoni, Instapundit, Hugh Hewitt & N.Z. Bear are the places to go to keep up with what's going on & why. But here are a few of my thoughts:...
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In News From Outside The u.S.

Cali gun gestapo rolling again. BATFU "helping". So to all my Cali readers I have this message for you. From friends. Chair against wall. Chair against wall. Charlie has a long mohawk. Charlie has a long mohawk. Sic Semper Kalifornication....
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June 29, 2006

A.R.T. For The U.N.

I don't think the U.N.'s intentions are honorable (I also believe that the sun rises in the east) but I don't think they're the most direct threat we face right now. That being said any excuse is a good excuse...
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June 21, 2006

UN Press Release On Small Arms Conference

Well that's what it seems like to me. Small arms: the global trade in life and death By Jeremy Lovell Tue Jun 20, 8:26 AM ET "LONDON (Reuters) - From Africa to Bosnia, back to Africa and on to the...
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May 02, 2006

Between An Anvil And A Hard Place

Just when you thought things were cheery enough following Bolivia's announcement that it had forsaken economic reason I'm afraid I have more bad news, via Cowboy Blob. This is from a Las Vegas gun dealer on the rising cost of...
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Too Many Marx

I trust everyone made it through the May Day protests alright? I didn't make it into Denver proper. Something about their doggie genocide & wanting to put me in jail because my magazine has too many cartridges makes me quite...
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February 17, 2006

My Bank Just Said No

I walked in one day, noticed my friendly neighborhood teller & told her I'd like to talk to someone about a loan. She asked what the loan was for & I told her mainly firearms (rifles, pistols, submachine guns, a...
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February 04, 2006

But It's The Thought That Counts

Matt is joining the growing list of folks that urge people to buy something Danish as a counter-protest to the protests of a percentage of Muslims who aren't happy with cartoons in a danish paper. Well I've been recommending buying...
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February 01, 2006

There's Kibble in the Bowl, Dammit!

It’s probably no surprise to people that I happen to like dogs. There are three in the house right now, beasts that were starving and injured when I first took them off the street. Mark Twain once said that the...
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December 21, 2005

I'm Getting Too Old For This...

On one hand I am a fan of very liberal immigration policies. But on the other hand I'm for shutting it down to a trickle. It's the latter hand that lives in this reality so for the sake of argument...
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December 09, 2005

21rst Century China

They don't appear much different than the 20th century version do they? "Armed with guns and shields, hundreds of riot police sealed off a southern Chinese village after fatally shooting as many as 10 demonstrators and were searching for the...
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October 14, 2005


You've probably already heard about it. In Nalchik, Russia a group of about 100 "separatist fighters" (i.e. Chechan Islamic extremists/terrorists) attacked police stations, an airport & government buildings. 13 civilians & 12 civilians with badges were killed. 61 Chechen rebels...
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August 16, 2005

Just Damn

How far would you go to shoot a rifle? Halfway round the world perhaps? "So you think you traveled a long way to get to Camp Perry this year, well try traveling half way across the world. That’s exactly what...
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April 26, 2005

The French Could Teach California Something About Freedom

No, the title isn't wrong. As incredible as it seems one of the chief european states that seems to espouse every statist ultra left wing concept imaginable can teach California something about freedom. Mr. Eric Danis owns Dan Tec France....
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December 29, 2004

The Ghost Of SF Future

SF doesn't seem inclined to listen to the ghost of D.C. past or the ghost of Chicago present, maybe this will help SF see the light:...
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December 28, 2004

The Things You Learn While Look Up Older Posts

"I think you should be under house you are obviously deranged."...
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August 25, 2004

The Stroop Report

JPFO has a translation of the Stroop Report. What is that you might ask? "SS Brigadefuhrer Jurgen Stroop was sent to Warsaw to remove the 56,000 surviving Jews from the ghetto. He recorded his deeds - daily killings with cold-blooded...
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August 09, 2004

The Unthinkable? It Damn Well Should Be Unthinkable.

"We do have an incredibly large number of weapons dispersed among our citizens but it's part of our liberal tradition and the great confidence that the state places in its citizens,"...
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