May 11, 2007

Feinstein's at it Again

Our lady of perpetual hoplophobia (except for when her own precious little heinie is in danger) has introduced legislation making any .50 BMG a "destructive device", as defined under NFA'34.This legislation would:Add the .50 BMG caliber sniper rifle to the...
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May 06, 2007

Massive Pet Food Recall Update Part Seven

Pet Food Poisoning Mystery May Be Solved(CBS/AP) The mystery of how two chemicals that are considered non-toxic poisoned so many pets may have been solved, CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes reports. The breakthrough was made at the University of Guelph...
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April 11, 2007

Anti Social Doctors

If you're a Coloradan, please take the time to read this Open Letter to Colorado Physicians (and others, for that matter) regarding the danger of socialized healthcare in Colorado. I hadn't known that it was this far along. Paul S....
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March 23, 2007

Massive Pet Food Recall

(originally posted 03/19/07 16:30 MDT by Jed) Publicola mentioned that some of the readers here have pets, but don't check mainstream news too often, and asked me to put up a notice. Pet deaths prompt major pet food recall. Here's...
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February 26, 2007

It's Up To You, New York

To ruin yet another peacable citizen's life with your outrageous enforcement of draconian gun possession laws, in clear violation of the protections afforded by the McLure-Volkmer act.A nurse from Indiana named Joyce was visiting friends in Vermont and Massachusetts earlier...
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November 19, 2006

FreedomSight has Moved

Hey folks. Just wanted to let you know that FreedomSight has moved over new digs, with a real domain name and all that. Update your blogrolls, bookmarks, feeds, and wherever else you keep references to blogs. The new place is...
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July 13, 2006

KT Ordnance Fundraising

Raising funds (and fun) to help KT Ordnance beat the BATFE — Claire has all the info....
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June 29, 2006

A.R.T. For The U.N.

I don't think the U.N.'s intentions are honorable (I also believe that the sun rises in the east) but I don't think they're the most direct threat we face right now. That being said any excuse is a good excuse...
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April 14, 2006

Trashing Our Shooting Areas

(Cross-Posted from FreedomSight) Assholes. Outlaw target practice in forests: An editorial piece:Undoubtedly, Boulder Ranger Christine Walsh, who is considering making changes to how and where recreational shooting is permitted in the 160,000 acres of Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forests, will be unpopular...
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March 16, 2006

Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette — But Not Here

"Every Employee shall have the right to work in an area free of environmental tobacco smoke" What the Colorado Legislature really means by that statement is that employees have the power to utilize the coercive authority of the state to infringe on the right of certain property owners to control what happens on their own property. And that doesn't fit my definition of a right.
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January 22, 2006

(Cross-posted from FreedomSight) Heheh. Going through this month's American Rifleman, I see a half-page add for for the new .416 Barrett cartridge. It's being debuted in their Model 99 rifle. Oddly, I didn't see a press release at the Barrett...
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December 25, 2005

Handloading for the M1 Garand

No, I don't yet own a Garand. (Sigh) But those who do, or who, like me, plan to, this Guns & Ammo article on Match-grade 30-06 loads for the Garand is worth bookmarking. (Cross-posted from FreedomSight)...
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The NRA Wants Me To What?

Support the passage of yet another federal law which relegates the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to the status of a privilege conferred by the state? Please. David Hardy has reproduced a communication mentioning the Veterans' Heritage Firearms Act....
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July 21, 2005

Colorado Gunblogger Meetup, August 7th

Time for me to promote the Colorado Gunblogger Meetup I mentioned earlier. So here's the official announcement. Meet your fellow gunbloggers and gun enthusiasts at the Tanner Gun Show, August 7th, at the Mart Pavillion at the Denver Merchandise Mart....
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June 08, 2005

Gun Ban Bigots Cite "Newspaper Loophole"

US Newswire reports Daily Newspapers in Iowa, Ohio and Nebraska No Longer Accept Classified Ads for Guns, as Momentum Builds to 'Close Newspaper Loophole'. The last time I read the term "loophole" in re. gun laws, I wrote about how...
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Driver Delivers Pizza After Being Shot

Man Delivers Pizza After Being Shot in Leg:A robbery attempt by a masked man and a gunshot wound to the leg didn't stop a pizza delivery man from making his rounds, pies in hand. Thomas Stefanelli, 37, said dedication to...
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June 06, 2005

Raich Roundup.

Well, since I just got home from work, the "power" bloggers are already all over this one. My initial take on the Raich ruling, based on what I heard on the radio news driving home from work, is this is...
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June 05, 2005

Colorado Gunblogger Meetup

One of the cool things about guest-blogging is I can shamelessy plug my own blog. If you're a Colorado blogger, and you're pro-gun rights, or you're a pro-gun blogger thinking about travelling to Colorado and looking for an excuse to...
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Forest Service Shuts Down Range in Boulder County

Michael Bane reports: ...the antigun activists from the U.S. Forest Service posted the range I shoot at in Booulder County this week. The area has been a shooting range for more than a decade, with no complaints. The range area...
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June 03, 2005

California Moves Closer to "Ammo ID" Law

From the L.A. Times comes an article which maybe sheds some light on why California's government is so screwed up. Legislators Pass Bills Requiring Ammo ID:California lawmakers Thursday voted to require weapons manufacturers to ensure that all bullets and cartridges...
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May 30, 2005

Setting the Record Straight on the .50 BMG

I continue to hear gun rights activists repeat the statement that the .50 BMG has never been used in a crime. I first heard about this as a claim made by NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, in his book...
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May 20, 2005

DC Delegate: Gun Owners Aim to See Children Get Killed

Matt Rustler e-mailed with another outrageous quote from an anti-gun bigot. This time, it's D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton. From Matt's blog post, quoting the from the Washington Times:"They're trying to see to it that more children get killed," said...
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