November 08, 2013

A Cramp In Your Metcalf

Dick Metcalf, longtime gun-writer, decided to pen what has been perceived as a column condoning gun control (to some degree). That got him fired and an editor, Jim Bequette, assumed responsibility and resigned. What was so bad about his column?...
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September 06, 2013

Can Ten Save Two?

A story is making the rounds about how many folks were denied permission to purchase firearms in July here in Colorado (the first month the "universal background check" law was applicable). Here's one and here's another. I'm not sure if...
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April 26, 2013

What If You Threw An Orgy And Nobody Came?

That appears to be the result when anti gun owner groups try to rally the people to spontaneously demonstrate, claiming 90% of folk insist on harsher gun owner controls. The idea was that a visible demonstration of proletariat fury would...
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April 18, 2013

Victory You Say?

So Reid has shelved the gun control package after not securing enough votes to pass a background check amendment, or any other gun owner control amendments. Obama and his companions are visibly upset, blaming the nefarious "gun lobby" for interfering...
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April 11, 2013

Where The Devil Is

First, a grammatical pet peeve. Ages ago (during the Danian stage of the Paleocene to be specific) I had a girlfriend with one linguistic tick that drove me up the wall. She habitually eliminated "to be" from a sentence. For...
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March 08, 2013

A Bad Check

Colorado senate republicans are planning to filibuster the gun owner control bills being heard today. That ought to make for interesting viewing. If they attempt this they'll be under a lot of pressure, as there's a storm moving this way...
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March 04, 2013

Coming At You Live

Via this link you should find a player. The default is the Colorado Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee, which is hearing HB 1226 (the ban on concealed carry on a college campus), HB 1228 (The tax on background...
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Re: Morse

Oh now this is funny: “I can’t tell you how much the work we’ve been doing in the state has really ginned up folks who are opposed to us,' Morse said. 'We’ve been getting an awful lot of ‘screw yous.’...
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February 18, 2013

Virtual Carpetbaggery

A long time ago (called right now) in a state far far too close (that'd be my, the state)... Senator Barackatine, who became chancellor amidst vows to rid the Republic of the corruption that threatened to topple it, became frustrated...
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January 29, 2013


There’s no point in taking the offensive, or even staging a defense, if you don’t have a clear idea of what outcome you want. It doesn’t have to be precise, detailed in minutia, but it does have to be clear....
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April 29, 2007

Linkage Minus Thinkage Part 3,986

Still swamped. Med Valley High's Grand Rounds (basically a carnival of med blogs) has a few posts dealing with the Virginia Tech Massacre. (On a semi-related note there's an amusing post called "raodmap for the emergency department"). "Cellist Mstislav Rostropovich...
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April 24, 2007

NRA Pushes For More Gun Control Again

In this post called "Crazy" (where I argued against an expansion of mental health records in the NICS system) I pointed to The Liberty Zone & The War On Guns for more information on rumors that the NRA was talking...
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April 23, 2007


Of course there's the Aerosmith tune (vid here & live vid here) which is about the peculiar manifestation of insanity that most call love (I especially dig the part at the end where it breaks down & the guitar is...
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April 19, 2007

More Links On Virginia Tech Massacre

Rushed yet again. In the extended entry I'll list a bunch of links that you may find interesting. All are concerning or related to the Virginia Tech Massacre &/or the calls for more gun control in its wake....
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April 17, 2007

Politics Of The Virginia Tech Massacre

There are two aspects I wish to discuss. Of course one is the political side of things as this will be used as a rallying cry by the anti's in the next few weeks &/or months. The other is the...
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April 13, 2007

Get Your Mitt Off My Guns

Dave Kopel has a piece up entitled "Romney, a Second Amendment Killer? Bill Richardson for president!?" (h/t Say Uncle) In it he looks at not only Romney but a few other presidential candidates' views on the Right to arms. Although...
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February 09, 2007


A mature gentleman in his 50's is out dining one evening. He sees a very attractive lady in her early 20's dining alone & wanders over to her table. He introduces himself & asks her pardon for the bluntness of...
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January 29, 2007

U Got It Bad

Usher again (I've been in an R&B mood lately - lately being defined as the past 25 years). This is a slow R&B tune that always captivated me for some reason. It's about being in love with someone & possibly...
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January 25, 2007

Why Georgia?

John Mayer. I do surely dig the way he plays. Here's the vid. & here are the lyrics. The song is about a guy's introspection as he drives I-85; wondering if he can find some signs that he's on the...
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December 31, 2006

A Busy Year Ahead

From The Herald News' article. This is an excerpt which was taken from a letter written by Richard Pearson, president of the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA): "The following are the Brady Campaign's agenda for the 2007-2008 legislative session. 1....
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November 03, 2006

Ron Paul Stands Alone

First the GOP tried to replace him, now the NRA has given his Democrat opponent a higher rating. I caught wind of it from Say Uncle. A more detailed post can be found at The War on Guns. So the...
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July 04, 2006

Me Like

MSSA is Montana's pro-gun org. So there will be no confusion with the NRA I offer you this bill that the MSSA is supporting for Montana. Let's see the NRA get behind something like this....
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June 20, 2006

Not Again

Guardsmen have been sent to New Orleans again. In a nutshell Nagin & Riley think they need help to handle the crime that's going on there. Nagin called the governor & she's sending in the troops. I'm concerned that some...
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May 20, 2006

NRA Convention Blogging

I know that this audience doesn't always hold the most favorable view of NRA, but if you're interested in reading my thoughts on the annual convention, feel free to check out my regular blog. The Ten Ring is also blogging...
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February 27, 2006

NRA Election Coverage

Something I bet you never thought you’d see on Publicola’s blog! While he knows that we generally agree on what the gun laws of this country should be, I tend to be much more of a work within the system...
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December 25, 2005

The NRA Wants Me To What?

Support the passage of yet another federal law which relegates the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to the status of a privilege conferred by the state? Please. David Hardy has reproduced a communication mentioning the Veterans' Heritage Firearms Act....
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October 02, 2005

Colorado's New CCW Vs. Colorado's Old CCW Vs. Colorado's Proposed But Tabled CCW

This is an oldie but a goodie. It was origninally posted here on April 3rd, 2003. Like the title says it's a comparison of three ideas for concealed carry that Colorado was considering. Another thing worth reading is this...
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September 27, 2005

New Orleans Restraining Order & The NRA

Clayton Cramer has published part of the restraining order barring New Orleans from stealing any more guns. Mr. Cramer was kind enough to let me take a peak at the order itself but unfortunately there's a "Not For Publication" disclaimer...
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September 12, 2005

Never Rush Assistance

On Friday the NRA-ILA issued a statement about the forced gun confiscations in New Orleans. "...But rest assured NRA is monitoring this situation very closely and will address any activity by the government that unduly infringes upon the rights...
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August 22, 2005

Comments III: Worst State And Best Country For Gun Owners?

In the previous post I said I'd get around to answering the lovely, talented & accurate Miss Annika's questions. The questions were: "i'm going to take the Cali Firearms Safety Certificate test today. i read through all the laws and...
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August 04, 2005

Your Cash; Your Cause

The NRA has done two things right. Yes; I said it. (It's really me; Publicola & I really like Garands - that should prove it's me). Moreover one of those things they got right other pro-gun groups have gotten wrong....
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May 30, 2005

Setting the Record Straight on the .50 BMG

I continue to hear gun rights activists repeat the statement that the .50 BMG has never been used in a crime. I first heard about this as a claim made by NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, in his book...
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April 24, 2005

Big "L's" & Little "L's"

Reading Walter In Denver I'm occassionally surprised. He's a golfer but I try to not hold that against him. He's also a Libertarian that lives in Denver (hence the catchy title). He has two fairly new youngin's to take care...
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April 18, 2005


The War On Guns has a post up that I don't find surprising, yet am saddened by....
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March 22, 2005

NRA Leaves Montana Hanging

The War On Guns has a post about this article. Seems an NRA staffer decided that withholding support for some pro-gun bills was the proper thing to do....
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March 16, 2005

Reader Participation Required

Kim du Toit posted a link to an anti-gun lobby wish list. It's a document entitled Hand Gun Control Inc 1993 Plan....
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January 24, 2005


Fuz is soliciting comments about the NRA's Board of director elections that are around the corner. I've closed the coments to this post so mosey on over to Fuz's place & drop your two cents. If you're curious about mine...
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Around Colorado - And Beyond

Some odds & ends from Colorado....
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December 28, 2004

Gun Bloggers & The Year In Review

Alphecca isn't doing his Weekly Check on the Bias this week. Instead he's doing the Yearly Check. Of course it's a wrap up of what has occurred this year that concerns firearms. It's by no means exhaustive; he just sticks...
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November 22, 2004

Ashamed Of Winners? Or Afraid Of Winners?

Gunner of No Quarters has a post up called Avoiding Winners? In it he questions why the CCRKBA & the NRA distance themselves from the Virginia Citizens Defense League. There are several explanations that come to mind. Two seem plausible,...
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September 04, 2004

Gun Owner Influence In Elections

Evan Derkacz Writes in The Athens News about The NRA's influence at the polls. The piece is called Does Kerry have a chance to wing some of the NRA vote?. It raised some interesting points but makes some errors in...
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June 16, 2004

Who can Gun Owners Trust? had a poll up for a while that asked your opinion of an unnamed person based on his actions. The actions described were not good for gun owners to say the least. & most respondents disapproved of the person...
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June 10, 2004

I Told You So?

Say Uncle discusses this article by Robert Ricker. Ricker is a former firearms industry insider who switched sides to support various lawsuits against firearms manufacturers....
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May 07, 2004

Updated blogroll

I fixed a problem or two in the blogroll & made some new editions that you might want to know about....
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April 28, 2004

Yet more on the NRA & Bush

Greg of The Hobbesian Conservative took issue with my take on the Chris Cox speech at the NRA convention. He did so in the comments to that post & in a post of his own. Clayton Cramer weighed in in...
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April 23, 2004

Chris Cox NRA Speech

Chris Cox gave a speech at the NRA convention. Mr. Cox is the head of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, which is the official lobby of the NRA. In the speech Mr. Cox made some statements that I genuinely...
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