December 21, 2004

Pulling Them Back Down By Their Ankles

Jason's situation has generated a lot of comments around the blogosphere. Most have been supportive but a few haven't been. It's interesting how gun owners can turn so quickly on their own kind because of seemingly minute differences. Disagreeing with...
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December 11, 2004

Don't Start None, Won't Be None

I've went a round or two with XRLQ before. We've disagreed on a few things & discussed them in more or less a reasonable manner. I even devoted a category to our disagreements. But now he's went & done something...
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October 29, 2004

X(rlq) Marks The Spot

It's easier to respond to Xrlq's comments as a post. Plus it gives the illusion I'm being productive. Here's what he left in regards to this post....
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October 28, 2004

X(rlq) Rated

As expected Xrlq responded to my post criticizing his post of Say Uncle's post. Unfortunately that's about as clear as it gets....
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